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"De gustibus non est disputandum"
(there is no disputing about tastes)
Michael Thorne Executive Chef,
Atomic Gourmet
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Italian Entrée & Main Course Recipes


Dish ThumbnailJean Berteau Cotes Du Rhone 2003
Overall Rating: Jay, Kent and Lawrence gave this wine an overall rating of 4
Dish ThumbnailBraised Veal Shanks
Difficulty Level: Medium
A wonderful winter dish. Try serving with risotto.
Dish ThumbnailChicken ala Grecque
Difficulty Level: Easy
Dish ThumbnailEggplant Manicotti
Difficulty Level: Easy
Dish ThumbnailGrilled Swordfish over angel hair pasta
Difficulty Level: medium
Grilled Swordfish served atop pasta with lemon butter sauce
Dish ThumbnailHot Italian Sausage
Difficulty Level: Easy
Dish ThumbnailOsso Bucco
Difficulty Level: Medium
Dish ThumbnailPappardelle Alle Sevise
Difficulty Level: Medium
Dish ThumbnailPasta alla Caruso
Difficulty Level: Medium
Dish ThumbnailPasta alla Puttanesca
Difficulty Level: Easy
A spicy melange of italian ingredients with a pungent aroma
Dish ThumbnailPasta Cartoccio Frutta Di Mare
Difficulty Level: Hard
A light pasta and seafood dish.
Dish ThumbnailPetti Di Pollo Al Cartoccio Agrodolce
Difficulty Level: Medium
Chicken breasts cooked en papillote with citrus juice and balsamic vinegar
Dish ThumbnailTortelloni Di Zucca
Difficulty Level: Hard
Fresh pasta makes this dish slightly difficult to prep, but, well worth the effort,

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