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"De gustibus non est disputandum"
(there is no disputing about tastes)
Michael Thorne Executive Chef,
Atomic Gourmet
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American Sauce Recipes


Dish ThumbnailArctic Berry Chutney
Difficulty Level: Medium
I suggest serving with Venison, but, may be served with many different meats and poultry.
Dish ThumbnailChili-Corn Sauce
Difficulty Level: Medium
Accompanies Michigan Beefsteak, but goes well with many other dishes.
Dish ThumbnailCreme Anglaise
Difficulty Level: Easy
A basic dessert sauce
Dish ThumbnailCreole sauce
Difficulty Level: hard
spicy red sauce
Dish ThumbnailGinger Beurre Blanc
Difficulty Level: Medium
A ginger, wine and butter sauce for fish.
Dish ThumbnailGreen peppercorn demi glace
Difficulty Level: medium
Basic demi glace with green peppercorns added.
Dish ThumbnailHerb Compound Butter
Difficulty Level: Easy
Dish ThumbnailHollandaise sauce
Difficulty Level: hard
egg yolk and butter sauce
Dish ThumbnailLemon Buerre Blanc
Difficulty Level: Medium
A basic recipe to which a variety of ingredients may be added.
Dish ThumbnailMango Sauce
Difficulty Level: Easy
Simple spiked puréed fruit sauce.
Dish ThumbnailMushroom Duxelle
Difficulty Level: Easy
An easy, classic mushroom dish great for stuffing or serving on top of meats
Dish ThumbnailRed Pepper Nage
Difficulty Level: Medium
Dish ThumbnailRemoulade Sauce
Difficulty Level: Easy
A natural accompaniment to fish and seafood
Dish ThumbnailSimple Syrup
Difficulty Level: Easy
Basic sugar and water mixture used as a sweetener in mixtures
Dish ThumbnailStrawberry Sauce
Difficulty Level: Easy
Simple, spiked puréed fruit, for the Coconut Custard or other desserts.
Dish ThumbnailWhite Truffle Aioli
Difficulty Level: Easy
A variation of the classic garlic mayonnaise.

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